Design Central Digital Solutions

It’s a mobile world.

Communication must adapt to the ever-changing technology. At Design Central, our focus has been to create powerful, engaging native and mobile applications that are unique, scalable innovative and on-target. Our digital offerings deliver multi-platform solutions for editorial, marketing and event content products and programs.
  • Enriched interactive content supporting videos, slideshows, animation, live streams, social shares, tweets and posts
  • Performance metric capabilities focusing on lead-generation and enhanced ROI
  • Solutions for IOS, Android, FIre, Surface and HTML5
  • Newsstand publishing with push-notification
  • Subscription models available with database interface connection

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  • petercannizzaro

    These apps look great!

  • daven11934

    Looks great Peter! Thanks for putting this together.

  • Gene Fedele

    This is terrific! Let’s get the rest uploaded and I’ll publicize! Awesome idea!